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Why Uganda should be christened the M7 republic

By Ndawula Ronald

Observing the events how they unfolded in the recently concluded Kayunga elections I wonder the time we waste and resources expended in organising an election for which we know the result.

The President of the republic of Uganda to clearly say that what NRM wants will be then there was no need for killing , arresting , campaigning,  and exposing people to Covid-19. 

Its clear the election was flawed , even without ballot stuffing stories , the deployment of heavy security,  stopping the party leader to go and campaign for the party  candidate was already too bad in fairness. 

Knowingly wasting Nakweddes time and meagre resources in pursuit of a vain goal was not fair on part of the President. If need be , let the President compensate Nakwedde , for there’s no way the visibly weak lady would have countered the full force of the Republic of M7 in Uganda.

Now that the parliament is useless and judicially under siege why waste time and resources to hold elections for which the results are predetermined. 

Why take Bill’s to parliament when we know there will be no debate to decide otherwise. 

Let’s leave everything to the Supreme leader and the only vision bearer  this country has ever produced to do the thinking.

If he says Buganda is not in Uganda it will pass as soon Mailo land will be no more.

If schools can be closed for 2 years but still banks are compounding interest on loans who can stop that? If he decides to go to congo let it be. If he decides to build schools in Tanzania,  it’s okay. If roads in congo are given priority then it’s okay. If he says you’re ADF then you’re because who will say otherwise. 

When Muhoozi is the army commander and next president  then why not.

If bail is constitutional and he says it shouldn’t then it’s not. Do we have anymore reason left for having a constitution and the the 3 arms of government?

A If ssegirinya and ssewanyana can be incacerated without bail then who is safe?

This republic should be christened THE REPUBLIC OF M7 IN UGANDA.

Ndawula Ronald former luwero district chairperson

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