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Just in: Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested after launching protests against high commodity prices

By Kabuye Ronald

Opposition strongman, Former Forum for Democratic Change FDC president and four time presidential candidate, Rtd. Col. Dr Kizza Warren Besigye has been arrested outside his home in Kasangati.

His arrest followed Dr. Besigye’s attempt to protest against hiking commodity prices in the country by walking to town as it was the case in 2011.

After his arrest, police whisked him away to unknown destination.

During the scuffle, Besigye kept questioning the officers what wrong he had done who instead remained silent. “What have I done wrong? I pay your salary, you depend on my sweat, we are even fighting for you, and you can’t even pay your children’s school fees. Omara was like you, you will be like Omara tomorrow.” Said Besigye

“If I want to go and dig, I go and dig. If I want to go to town I go to town, people in uniform carrying porridge in their heads, who can’t know that the condition of the country is so bad. What do you carry in your heads? The posho we buy for you, you just put it in your heads rather than your tummies! What is it that I have done wrong that you should treat me like this?” he added

Dr. Besigye also told the media that they want to wake up people who are dying silently all over the country and demand what makes them to survive.

“This is just a minor thing and we shall over. The process begins today and no turning back until there is the changes we want to happen in this country and our first step is to wake up every citizen since you cannot get what you have not demanded for” said besigye

It should be recalled that shortly after the 2011 general elections, Dr. Besigye and other big opposition figures took to streets to protest against rising commodity prices

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