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If president Nyerere returned from the dead

By Ndawula Ronald

It was a beautiful scene and moment, watching President Samia Hassan Suluhu of the republic of Tanzania inspecting a guard of honor and a 21 gun salute in honor of her state visit to Uganda. 

Initially, I thought the people of Tanzania are going to refuse her and demand for a new election or military takeover. 

This gives me hope that one day Uganda will be a proper democracy where in the event of passing on of a President (God forbid) the constitutional provisions can be followed religiously and foster a smooth transition and anybody can assume the responsibility of leading Ugandans without referring to guns and military like it happens in our big brother neighbors. 

I also thank her for the promise of the school to be built in Uganda (probably in luwero) as a return of the gesture by the President of Uganda when he did the same in Tanzania, though it would have been better if each did the same in their respective countries as it’s not fair to lay a good foam mattress bed for the visiting neighbor’s kids when yours sleep on straw grass. 

Secondly, It would be more meaningful to have University of Darlessalam in Uganda and Makerere University of Tanzania across the border.

Primary schools can be donated by Lord Mayors and district governors in city and local exchange programs. 

Tanzania for all the time in my memory and opinion, has been a well-intentioned, meaning and good neighbor to Uganda. 

Since the late 70’s I remember the Bakomboozi when I was in primary two and their good, sweet flowing swahili. 

I also remember after the overthrow of Amin the times when we got white free exercise books at Luwero boys with kiswahiri inscriptions. 

I believe these were donations from the government of Tanzania courtesy of Muwalim julius Nyerere. 

I can’t tell how much in cost Tanzania spent in money and lives in the mission to overthrow Gen .Amin Dada but it seems it was a hefty price. 

Our parents loved the Tanzanians so much and it was in vogue to speak Swahili with the Bakombozi on road blocks. 

I have hazy and blurred memories about when they announced the departure of the Bakombozi and people thought Uganda is going to collapse without them. 

From President Musevenis many stories and analogies it shows without doubt, that he holds Nyerere in high esteem and he was his role model, teacher and inspiration. 

Nyerere for sure is the father of Tanzania because he led and laid a firm foundation on which the stability of TZ stands to date. 

If Muwalimu Julius Nyerere was to raise from the dead today, what would the people of Uganda ask of him? 

Does his legacy qualify and deserve praise by Ugandans?

Did Nyerere tell Museveni to rule forever and ever?

Did Nyerere use his family to take over state functionality?

Did Nyerere use army to gain support or convincing to get submission of Tanzanians to his will? 

Did Nyerere use state resources extravagantly throwing parties for his sons in the face of poor and hurting Tanzanians? 

Was Ali Hassan Mwinyi who succeeded President Nyerere, his son or relative?

What’s the fate of Chama kya Mapinduzi? 

Would Nyerere a cherished teacher allow arbitrary closing of Facebook and raising taxes on internet in an era of information and technological revolution? 

Would Muwalimu Nyerere a teacher himself allow the policy bias and unfairness of a century to increase the salary of science teachers and deny those of Arts yet they both complement each other and sit on the same staff and teach same classes and students? 

Mr. Nyerere are you really proud with your student and the sacrifice the people of Tanzania paid to liberate their neighbor? 

Would Nyerere a statesman endorse the corruption, nepotism, tribalism and human rights violations with impunity meted on the diverging views in Uganda government? 

Did Nyerere endorse and teach the militarization of agriculture, police and politics?

If the answers to these are in affirmative then the student can be justified that he got it from a wrong teacher and if not, then the student got it all wrong and Ugandans may need more convincing to appreciate the return of Nyerere from the dead. 

Ndawula Ronald, The author is the former Chairperson of Luwero district

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