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September 21, 2023
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By Ndawula Ronald

Times really change and with time you wonder the twist of events and perspectives with every proceeding generation.

During Amins time bell bottom trousers, wigs and Gabon shoes were in vogue and when I look at the pictures of those putting them on now it looks weird and out of fashion to the current generation.

Then came our generation where breakdance and pipe tight Jean’s and black jackets with zippers like the legend Michael Jackson in his all-time ” I CAN TURN A THRILLER…..” album.

I used to be a break dancer and I enjoyed those waves, strokes and slides.

It was very hard to imagine that our style will be outdated at some point!

 During elections I was on many occasions invited to go to album launches and pull some of our old strokes and I looked like the odd man out.

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Then at home the little time I spent with my father, country Music was the kind of music he liked and I could imitate most albums of Jim Reeves’ THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME’ and Kenny Roger’s COWARD OF THE COUNTY.

These days am saddened to see this generation enjoying John Blaq”s ” DO DAT”(Bwa Bwa Bwa!!!) With alot of interest and I fail to fathom how times change the mind and affect our cognitive interests.

In a new shift, the past generation used to attach most happenings to phenomena like when a rat crosses your way is a sign of good luck on a proceeding journey.

Then when the fox(Ekibe) or owl (ekiwugulu) cries around your vicinity at night it was fore telling the death of a relative or somebody.

At no time did I remember whether actually people died or not but I believe the Rat, fox and owl are messengers of news for those who believe in animal divination.

It would be absurd to start fighting an owl or fox for delivering a futuristic message which may never happen or helps you to be prepared just in case if you had not decided to proceed with your journey if you see a rat crossing your path.

Arresting Peng Peng, Lumbuye and Jakana Nadduli in the olden days would be useless and they would just be told that if next time when their divination comes to pass they are responsible to do the needful to inform others as they have done this failed turn. ( abise yabikanga).

There’s this neighbor  of ours who took these things seriously and whenever he was coming from his home and he finds a lady he cancels the trip immediately because to him, it was a bad omen to meet a lady when going somewhere.

I wonder what would happen if he beat those women who crossed his paths enroute his many destinations.

President Museveni after all being said and done you should throw us a party for being a Cowboy after all you have a hat , cows and a gun! 

During our primary school heydays we used to refer ourselves to cowboys and say, ‘a cowboy never dies and if he dies, he never smells’ dubbed from Bad Spencer and Trinity’s many movies.

Cowboys alwys make a comeback when they’re pronounced dead and reclaim their territory . 

To me, it’s kind of Heroic to be pronounced dead and you come back healthy, opening factories , Somersaulting and taking  over and giving the army construction contracts without a flue!

Just mind your business and let Jakana, Peng Peng and Lumbuye do what they do best.

Ndawula Ronald, the writer is the former Chairperson of Luwero district

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