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February 5, 2023
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You too apologize and resign for being incompetent

By Ndawula Ronald

Last Saturday the UK minister of health resigned when he was caught on camera violating PULOSESI by PULOSESI the SOP regarding social distancing. 

He first of all apologized to the public and then resigned.

Last week also saw the select health committee of parliament charged with investigating the covid cash was told that the supplementary expenditure of 18.billion parliament passed to purchase vaccines was nowhere to be seen as it didn’t go to National medical stores which is charged with the duty of purchasing and distribution of drugs on behalf of government. 

The Min of finance who came to the committee and tasked to say where the money was showed the worst kind of incompetence by not knowing where that money is or feigned ignorance. 

For this alone he should resign or as a Ugandan should apologise.

This is a time in our country where a government should for the first time show, respect, care and responsibility to its citizens.

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How can we ever trust this government if thousands are dying and you’ve never bought a single dose of the vaccines with the trillions you’re borrowing and appropriating every other day in the name of covid 19!!!!

I know someone is about to come on public TV and say opposition  is failing covid efforts without shame.

President Museveni if you’re not party to this scandal you should act to show the world that you’re a different African President.

Last time you castigated Europeans and Whites for not helping us in time, we didn’t know that you’ve never committed any money and all efforts are about begging not buying to help ourselves in time? All the money we have borrowed in pretext of fighting Covid-19 was probably building hotels and apartments? 

How do you justify this to the people burying their loved ones for lack of oxygen and exorbitant charges in hospitals yet government officials are indifferent, partying and swimming in cash?

Who will ever trust the covid vaccine you’re developing yet you can’t deliver the one you’ve purchased? Will yours have the right ingredients or they will repackage the ones from other countries and print or emboss with made in Uganda like the kiira buses and radios to mint millions?

Without doubt, the vaccine in Uganda will cost 20 times the cost of the same drug by the time it reaches hospitals just as the most expensive Entebbe Express and by the way no Minister will ever allow to be injected with the same for lack of trust.

If we can’t trust our government at this material crisis and time when will it be trusted? Presiding over a cabinet which eats , devours, chews and swallows Covid 19 vaccine money and you don’t resign or at best send heads rolling is a enough too much.

Even if the money was available and its purpose was deferred, it’s enough to send someone home for incompetence, negligence and laziness. 

Forget the numbers you talk about on TVs and radios, the people dying and sick in villages are now very many and enough to declare a state of emergency. 

In this new Kisanja you’ve vowed to fight corruption and this is a major scandal on your table let’s see how you walk the talk.

Using military court to charge the evidently innocent Ugandans, we will applaud you if you put these people before the same court for murder, by denying access to vaccines or firing squad. 

Hon Matia Kasaija and Hon Aceng like your counterpart Mr Matt Hancock of UK do the honourable thing and resign we shall know the rest when you’re out.

Hon Nabbanja your intervention in saving  tycoon  Hamis Kiggundus donation is a plus for you and follow that money till the vaccines are delivered because I know that it’s only that money alone which will go to the purchase of vaccines since the government  has never bothered to buy. 

Secondly, make sure the price is not hiked and bureaucracy doesn’t take 0.75 of the 530millon which is the most likely scenario.

As a Covid-19 survivor this is the shame of a decade.

Ndawula Ronald is the former Chairman of Luwero district.

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