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Breakdown of the 1.3 trillion gov’t’s Covid 19 resurgences plan

By Kabuye Ronald

On Wednesday evening, the prime minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja told parliament that government has earmarked 1.3 trillion shillings in anticipation of a resurgence of Covid 19.

Nabbanja says the resurgence plan was developed by the ministry of health with other partners between February and March based on the lessons learnt in response to the first wave of the Pandemic.

In the resurgence plan government estimates to spend shillings. 12 billions, on coordination activities, 808.3 billion on logistics, 84.9 billion on laboratory activities, 59.3 billion on surveillance, 93.8 billion on case management, 68.1 billion on risk communication, 6.5 billion on community engagement and 70.3 billion on strategic information, research and innovation.

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However parliament did not debate Nabbanja’s statement since the deputy speaker of parliament Anita Among deferred her presentation of the report to Wednesday next week.

Meanwhile some members of parliament asked Nabbanja to also present the details of the beneficiaries from the covid 19 relief but she said she will only do that if the law allows her to share the same information since its regarded as private information.

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