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February 5, 2023
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President M7 reopens Places of worship, gaming places, tertiary institutions

By Kabuye Ronald

Uganda’s President Yoweri T Kaguta Museveni has further lifted lockdown on various sectors including places of worship, gaming, casinos, betting and gym places and post secondary schools which include universities and the rest of tertiary institutions with strict guidelines to follow.

“In this regard, the National Task Force has reviewed the sectors that were pending lifting of restrictions and I now direct as follows:

Places of Worship: The places of worship can now open under the following conditions:

 Limit the number of worshippers at any one time to not more than 200 provided the place of worship can ensure physical distancing of 2 meters on either side and adequate aeration.

There must be strict adherence to all SOPs at all times i.e. hand washing/ use of alcohol based sanitizer, temperature monitoring, and consistent wearing of face masks by all congregants including the choir and preachers.

No congregation for worship after curfew hours

The 200-persons-limit, physical distancing and all other SOPs should be respected even during special occasions e.g. weddings, funeral services, confirmation

Partner with Government to communicate and mobilize the population for vaccination and other control measures

Weddings, Burials and other social events: The number of persons attending these events can now increase to 200 under strict observance of SOPs

The casinos, gaming, betting shops and gyms can now operate during the day and close by 6:00pm.

 The various local governments, Cities and Kampala Capital City Authority, working with the National Gaming and Lottery Board MUST inspect the various betting outlets for suitability and adherence to SoPs before  opening.

Post-Secondary institutions of learning to open with effect from 1 st November 2021 on condition that; all teachers and non-teaching staff are vaccinated.

The 330,000 students aged 18 years and above in post-secondary institutions should be vaccinated as soon as possible while the rest of the learning institutions will open in January 2022.

Weekly markets, These are open door settings and currently transmission rates are low in some areas. These can be opened with strict adherence to SOPs and the curfew hours except for current hotspot districts (Soroti, Kampala, Kalungu, Kabale, Kumi, Tororo, Gulu, Nwoya and Yumbe). The RDCs, RPCs, DPCs, DISOs, GISOs should enforce adherence to SOPs.

The Minister for Health should follow up the hotspot districts and review their situation for safe re-opening of the weekly markets after two weeks. ”said Museveni

The president called upon all teachers and support staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible to enable safe re-opening of schools.

President museveni also indicated that since his last address on the 30 th of July 2021, the COVID-19 transmission rates in the country have continued to decline. Despite this, some districts continue to show higher transmission rates and are considered hotspot districts. He said the persistent transmission is in t 9 districts that’s: Kampala, Kalungu, Kabale, Kumi, Soroti, Tororo, Gulu, Nwoya and Yumbe.

The daily average number of confirmed cases over the last one month has declined and stabilized at 124 cases countrywide, from an average of 1,445 cases at the peak of the second wave in June 2021. Similarly, the daily average number of deaths has declined to 6 from 57 deaths at the height of the peak of the second wave.

As of 22nd September 2021, the country had registered 122,502 Confirmed cases and 3,135 deaths. Additionally, the current admissions stand at 340 in both public and private facilities (272 in public, 66 in prisons and only 2 in the private facilities), Of whom 144 (38%) are in the severe and critical category.

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