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COVID-19 News

Covid 19: Three schools found teaching, several teachers arrested

By Obbo Yusuf

Police in Iganga district have arrested seven teachers for teaching children during the lockdown in defiance of the presidential directives on Covid 19.

The schools that have been found illegally teaching in overcrowded classes with none putting masks include: st Mary’s junior school Buligo, Iganga victory primary school and Bat villa nursery school.

Some of the pupils and a teacher caught red handed in class

The Iganga District Police Commander Kenneth Muherwa said the accused will be charged with Negligence and doing an act the may result into spread of covid19 and defying the presidential detectives against the spread of covid19.

The resident district commissioner for Iganga District Deborah Mwedigwa warned all parents and teachers against disregarding the set guidelines to defeat the pandemic since they are put in place to save everyone’s life. Adding that they will not hesitate to arrest and charge those who fall culprits

Iganga District Police Commander Kenneth Muherwa addressing pupils and instructing pupils to go back home

In the same way the Iganga district Education Officer Kasadha Abubaker revealed that they are going to cancel licenses of the schools found teaching

Meanwhile Police vowed to continue with the operations until the president reverses the directive.

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