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In a kingdom the king is the highest judge and the law.

By Ndawula Ronald

Initially I belonged to a school and class of Idiots who thought that Gen.Muhoozi is going to join elective politics and compete with Bobi Wine, Norbert Mao and Kiiza Besigye. 

As an African all through and a Muganda, my attention span and memory is usually short lived and compromised by the love, sight and expectation of money and most of my many manoeuvres are focused on that. 

It was from the start, conspicuously clear and evident that MK is following his father’s footsteps. 

His troubles and implied sacrifice to join the Army, his stint in Sandhurst and other military academies was a preparation for the inevitable. 

I wonder how wise and  clear headed people like Hon. Amama Mbabazi missed the writing on the wall and started contemplating and figuring themselves in the succession quee! 

When Museveni declined to shake the hand of his Premier and long time friend Amama in 2015 who he had innerdvatantly made to believe otherwise, would have been enough to tell Amama and the rest of us Idiots that the succession quee has already been infringed upon, impinged, encumbered , non existent or/and infiltrated by other unknown party. 

If he knew , there was no reason for contesting and losing his portfolio in NRM. 

This also justifies the reason why this time King Tibuhaburwa surrounded himself with women in all key Ministries who are regarded as weak and don’t seem to have expectations beyond their appointments, exuberant, far reaching ambitions like joining and jumping the quee like Gilbert Bukenya and Sejusa which is a preserve of Prince Muhoozi Kainerugaba who now manages the deep state. 

I love Muhoozi because he has been truthful from the start when he tweeted that he is a descendant of the Cwezi and has a right to claim the throne.

Secondly his honesty was also put to test last week when summoned in court to file defence in a treason case by opinion writer and lawyer Gawaya Tegule when he said, “The highest JUDGE is on my side”. 

This also explains why the Obugabe will never see the light of day because it will be a parallel Kingdom in the eyes of the Idiots. 

Now, we celebrate birthdays of the King in waiting, we should all be prepared to adopt the status and rules of the Kingdom in which we live and find ourselves by birth. 

In a kingdom, to put you straight,  the heir is introduced to the People in birthdays, as King in waiting and must be a blood son of the King. 

Secondly, all allegiances are to the King, who decides what you eat , be it bread or cassava . Who’s a criminal? , kitatta, sobi or MP sewanyana, and the King in a nut shell is infallible. 

If the king so desires can do away with elections and in the vein of following his father’s footsteps can take up arms in pretext of rescuing and saving the monarchy from bad people or tell parliamentto rescind universal adult suffrage. 

The rights of the King and the King in waiting are almost equal and can’t be contested as every action is for the good of the Monarchy. 

The academic potential of the Heir to the throne can’t be scrutinised for competence neither his/her nationality. 

The speeches of the King and heir to be are short and written but are indelible orders of law. Just as in Buganda you can’t query the King. 

The King can be whimsical and arbitrary and can decide to give all your coffee to Vinci and the agreement will be signed like it or not.

Just as Buganda was surrendered to the British protectorate with impunity. 

To the king, it doesn’t matter whether the Parliament doubts Pinnetti the Lubowa investor, the budget will pass with her dough from the Uganda Tax payer ingrained and no IGG will ever lift her finger about the cashed promissory notes in billions with no work but a chicken thief will be in Kitalya or Luzira. 

People like Kyagulanyi, Amama and Sejusa and others who may not be happy with the arrangement and the Idiots in my class who are docile and always ready to sing choruses of approval, write impossible versions of a Utopian democracy shall live in perpetual discontent and trauma if you don’t comply. 

Let it descend on you fellow Ugandans that the Prince is in charge and this has happened before where the Prince assumes roles and errands of the King when his age advances like in contemporary Saudi Arabia and biblical King samuel times.

Countrymen take heart, in a Kingdom the King is the highest Judge of the Law and the law is the King in manifestation and those who refuse will be crashed and be Martyrs, hope you remember. 

Ndawula Ronald, the author is the former Chairperson of Luwero district

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