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Applying for a job of Ambassador of Uganda to greater Luwero.

By Ndawula Ronald

Zig Ziglar in his bestselling book ‘SEE YOU AT THE TOP,’ said ‘it can now take  seconds for information to move from one end of the world to another but it can take years for the same information to penetrate less than a quarter inch of skull and flesh to reach the brain’. 

When I look at the many hopefuls harbouring Presidential ambitions in Uganda attacking President Museveni waiting for elections, I wonder whether the shift from bread to cassava has already gotten its impact ! 

Museveni told us point blank that a paper can’t remove him from the Presidency but we continue flocking the voting places like we’re doomed! 

President Museveni has told us clearly that he has been tolerant to corruption but the intolerant and impatient nature of Muhoozi, he is afraid the corrupt are in trouble! 

This in a nutshell means, Kainerugaba Muhoozi is in the driving seat under the proper instructions of the father. 

I named my son “MUHOOZI” because he will avenge for me those who intend to hurt me , this is a clear surrender of reign to the next in quee. 

I have been writing several missives trying to tell people to swallow the bitter pill than pretending as if you don’t hear and see. 

For those who think Uganda is still a republic you must be feeding on wrong food which diminishes and blurs sight of the obvious. 

Muhoozi himself has been clear in his tweets and calls the army, ‘my army’ and my father. 

He doesn’t mean the army he serves but his property as the heir to the man who started the army and has passed on the baton. 

If a person commits a treasonable act of starting to challenge a sitting President with impunity,  what other reminder do you need to understand he is already installed President of the republic of Uganda and protected under the immunity clause of the President? 

From my perspective, all Presidents from Egypt to South Africa were invited to the inaugural (birthday) party of the new President considering the many errands the CLF made in his official capacity to visit these countries with state funds and flyer without the knowledge of foreign diplomats. 

Its unfortunate that these Presidents didn’t honor the invitations and others came on alternative dates with no clear purpose of visit explained. 

So, your Excellency President Muhoozi the defacto leader of Uganda, I would like to draw and redirect your attention to the crucial problems of Uganda. 

The real problems of Uganda are not. Sweeping owino  market or other streets in the city as that can be improved by KCCA and Lord Mayor Lukwago if facilitated. 

The drugs in hospitals are a myth Mr. President.  You even dont  need a Lubowa size specialised hospital if even the ordinary hospitals don’t have the basic supplies and facilities. 

Try one day and check on Luwero Hospital or Nakaseke and any other and disguise  as a patient, Sir you will be surprised on why you invested so much in a birthday and not medicine and finishing or improving the structures. 

The Roads in Uganda as we speak are a menace .

Infrastructure has been your father’s worst challenge and I dont want this to continue with you .

With the same budget we can tarmac 5 times more kilometres of roads than we now if we plug the leaking procurement processes hijacked by the mafias. 

In the same time after independence,  Singapore has moved from a third world to first world, but Uganda has stagnated and continuing to languish in poverty for coming to 60 years, 40 of which have been managed by you and 10 troubled by your predecessor. 

Corruption your Excellency is at the pinnacle of precursors of failure in all undertakings in your government. 

If you use the Singapore model of nipping it in the bud you will succeed. 

This model suggests that you dont arrest the small thieves. You attack the big thieves and the age old problem will be out. 

For instance arrest, those cashing the promissory notes for Lubowa Hospital to MS pinnet without work.

Arrest those who signed the Vinci coffee deal. Review UMEME agreement. 

Revisit the compensation processes and beneficiaries. 

Re arrest those in the ID scam and the bicycles in local government.

Sweep clean Ministry of finance and probably appoint another General like Mugisha Muntu or your TOUGH son. 

Investigate the statehouse for you will find that the money funding operations can come down to a quarter of what it is now. 

When all of us the corrupt,  probably including you but now Sir you’re immune, you will find the small fish will be in swimming to tow your line. 

The parish development model is  laughable and in no way going to improve anything but another Avenue and vehicle people are going to swindle  money. 

For instance, my parish in kavule zone luwero has about 4000 people and we expect to get about 100 million. 

How does that make 4000 people rich ? 

If you give 100million to 100 people to enable each get a start up of 1million! You think that can make them change their fortunes in a parish? 

There’s no way 100million can change lives in a parish unless its given to 10 people. 

Investigate all owners of and companies behind the many buildings and apartments in Kampala you will find all this going to the big offices you must sweep. 

In education,  haaaa…

I think you can humbly talk to your mother. 

The quality of education has gone down the gutter because of the capitalist and manufactured competition of schools to appear performing. 

The gist of education has been lost and attention has been drawn to which school was the best not the quality of education given.

Let it be like Universities where a degree is a degree no matter where u got it from as long as the university is chartered. 

A school that takes only first graders will definitely perform better than that which admitted second graders or third. 

In real life does it imply that second or third graders can’t be of good service? You have good answers to that your excellence. 

At this stage Mr. President , I believe our recurrent expenditure as a country is abnormal. 

The cost of managing Uganda is a shame compared to the per capita income and GDP. 

Now that you inherited  Presidency on a silver platter,  reduce the size of parliament and constituencies that do not conform to legal parameters and  the same to districts. 

This will be strategically compensated by improving services in the same areas.

If each MP gets 2 billions in a 5 year term of office, that money can be enough to build a seed secondary school or a set of road machinery or 50 classes for every constituency removed now that they don’t debate because of language and space in chambers. 

I don’t want to tire you reading endless stories but shall continue next time when I get my letter of senior classified Presidential adviser or Ambassador of Uganda to Greater Luwero. 

Ndawula Ronald, the author is the former chairperson Luwero district

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