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Bulemeezi we hope for the best and thank you goodwill tiles.

By Ndawula Ronald

I was in Kapeeka last Saturday having endeavoured to move with team Bulemeezi to Namunkekeera rural industrial park to make a case to our sponsors Goodwill tiles who are sponsoring the Bulemeezi team 2022. 

We had a nice reception and the state Minister for Kampala Hon.Kyofatogabye braced the occasion and he pledged his total commitment to support the team as a person and assured us support from Gen Salim Saleh and on behalf of Goodwill some soft talking gentleman whose names I didn’t capture reiterated their support. 

We were served to a compact lunch and afterwards taken around for a visit around the factories while waiting for the chief guest. 

We thanked the sponsors for the 50 million already donated this year towards the initial preparation of the team and their generous earlier contributions in the previous tournaments. 

I was very impressed with the activities in the factories and then, that’s when it downed on me that many things we have been regarding as complicated in manufacturing are indeed not and are actually can be scaled down to cottage industrial arrangements. 

When we entered the solar lights making factory, save for the many customized machines which can fit in ordinary 5 rooms the whole factory can be organized in an average home house. 

I was amazed to know that all sanitary ware, clay plates and cups in our homes are now products of Uganda here in Kapeeka! 

I was also impressed by the ladies shoes, all open shoes on the market now, electric wires, fishnets, sockets and switches are all made in Uganda!

I require all parliamentarians who are out there swindling money without debating to go and see for themselves so that they can debate on how Uganda can be transformed into an industrial hub replicating the Kapeeka model. 

Instead of the already dead PDM before its inception, we can salvage something with that money if various industries like tyre making, footballs, forks, spoons, candies, pens, pencils  can be adopted in the several regions in our country. 

Instead of learning the Useless swahili which is spoken by about 100 million people producing nothing let’s adopt languages which are spoken by billions of people and their economic muscle admirable. 

This is what is termed as strategic planning and positioning. 

The challenge in Kapeeka, I realised those workers are taught and know thoroughly how run and operating the machines but i don’t think any can repair in case there’s a breakdown which is un avoidable. 

Then let the scientists go to Chinese, Indian, European Universities, and learn the technologies behind the production lines and the machines. 

When you want to enter a global market you dont join with failures but twin with the successful for progress. 

Theres nothing much we can learn from the other Swahili speaking communities in the poverty stricken great lakes region holding on their positions for the world poorest economies apart from the half cast coastal women and probably joining the army and threatening lingo of, ka kini, wewe nani and fungua. 

I was disappointed at a rally in karamoja when a school drop out wanted help from The President and he was told to join the army! 

I don’t believe Uganda’s escalating problems are going to be solved by joining the army. Those youth you see flocking the army recruitment centres are just desperate and left with no choice. 

We should not be proud and register this as an achievement of sorts implying they love it. 

Do the same recruitment for teachers and factory interns you will be overwhelmed by the numbers and then you will know the crisis in the villages. 

Those many billions you’re going to distribute for sharing and munching under PArish development model can be given to Gen.Salim Saleh to establish more industrial centres to create not only employment but stimulate production and rejuvenate the dying economy. 

In my small wisdom I believe it’s not sustainable to create a large army with a weak economy. 

Those very recruits, one day will turn against their masters in search of food. 

Long live Gen Saleh, Namunkekeera Rural Industries and Goodwill tiles for assistance to team Bulemeezi. 

Ndawula Ronald, the author is the former Chairperson Luwero district

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