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February 5, 2023
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May thy will be done in Uganda

By Ndawula Ronald

In today’s meditation I was distracted by thoughts pouring in my head about the current frustrating events in the country. 

I pondered about the ailing economy, Uganda airlines, the Lubowa specialized hospital and scarce fuel and the number of people out of employment and none cares about their plight.

I wondered how desperate Ugandans have become to the extent that lumbuye of all people determines debate in Uganda and sways people’s thinking by developing conspiracy theories and successfully gets unending following and support.

I also contemplated about how President Zelensiky of Ukraine a former comedian is giving a bloody nose to the former KGB spy and commando President Vladimir Putin of Russia. 

Trying to think whether Kyagulanyis tour was about borrowing a leaf how a comedian is trouncing a commando!

Putin’s Russia in my mind was regarded as the 3rd most powerful nation on earth until when David (Zelensiky) struck Goliath!

Few expected this, even the military pundits didn’t have it right.

None expected the Russians to be running for their dear lives from a war they started.

When I see the NUP leader mounting destroyed Russian tanks and Missiles in Bucha -Ukraine,  I wonder whether Plan B is in offing!

I later realized its Sabbath and later my thoughts got back to God.

I started faulting and thinking how God can neglect an entire race of Africans and deny us even the basic qualities of self-rule and management. 

It’s in Africa where we talk of poverty in its real sense, disease , maladministration, wars and astronomical corruption. 

Then I remembered the story of Job in the bible.

Job was a fine God fearing and loving man.

Then God chose to use Satan to test his faith.

Satan inflicted alot of pain to Job. 

He lost his family , his animals and sickness. 

During this time of trials for sure as the bible insinuates, Job’s life was in the hands of the immortal Satan.

Now, with the prevailing circumstances in Uganda and maybe elsewhere, I strongly believe, God is no longer in control of Uganda.

He must have surrendered this beautiful country in the hands of the mighty, omnipotent, omnipresent being Satan and he is running the show.

I can’t imagine the theft in Uganda airlines, extra judicial impunity, drones hijacking people, and schemers becoming leaders, courts deflated and deaths of education and health services as work of a living God.

I strongly believe, the reason why God is at war with Satan is to secure control of sovereign space on earth where actions are controlled by either being.

When opportunity was availed to Satan to manage Job’s life certain things like poverty, disease, death which are happening here manifested in his life.

This uganda , without doubt is nolonger in control of a living God.

Ndawula Ronald the author is the former Chairperson of Luwero district

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