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Uganda counseling and Support service empowers Busoga villages with Modern Schools, Health centers and clean water

By Obbo Yusuf


In a bid to increase access to social services in rural areas ,the Uganda counseling and support services has managed to reach out to Busoga districts with Modern schools ,health facilities, economic empowerment programs and Boreholes with aim of assisting each community become self-sufficient by improving the quality of life and spreading God’s Love in remote communities of Uganda.

Mbwali Hellen, a 20 year old a resident of Bulike village in Kaliro district is one the beneficiaries whose hope to have a better future was supported by Uganda counseling and support services who she thanked for being such good Samaritans.

Mbwali says after completing her primary seven, her parents who lacked finances to make her pursue further academic education asked her to get married since no one was ready to pay her secondary school fees. However, amidst the misery came people of God from Uganda counseling and Support services registering Young girls and boys who had no opportunity for education to be given a chance to go and join vocational Skilling.

Bwali was given an opportunity to join school again, doing fashion and design one of her childhood dream course in the Vocational Skilling center under Uganda counseling and support services in Bulike village .

“I thank God for his Mercy that am here attaining skills in fashion and design. The initiators of this program under Uganda counseling and Support services restored my hope to have a better future.

When my parents told me that they had no money to push for secondary or vocational education, I became hopeless, others advised my parents to let me get married despite my age. But God always stands with those who believe and trust in Him. I got a chance to be among those enrolled for vocational studies and I thank God for that.” Said Mbwali

Mbwali is among the 1330 children chanced to be educated by Uganda Counselling and support services.

The organization has provided a number of schools in different districts of Busoga more especially in rural areas of Luuka, Kaliro ,Buyende,Mayuge and Kamuli districts

As they were celebrating their 12 years in service, local people and leaders thanked the organization for supporting them have better services.

The district chairperson for Kaliro district Bamukoobye Richard said that the organisations has supported distant villages have access to better services thus reduced on long distances people used to move to acquire the same.

“We have not yet gotten a health center in every parish but because of the health services provided by the organization, our people are assisted. We no longer hear many cases of people failing to access medical services since the hospitals have been brought nearer “said Richard 

He added that the organization has also provided safe and clean water for their people which has saved them from sharing open Wells with animals.

The permanent secretary for ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hon Vincent Bagire said the good work done by the development partners like Uganda counseling and support services is a supplement of what government gives out ,and such services closes the gap left in provision of social services.

“These development partners assist government in reaching basic social services to the locals in time and by so doing they assist the government in supporting its people, where government delays to reach ”  said Bagiire

Dr Kaluya Ronald, one of the founders of Uganda counseling and support services said they do this to spread the love of God  by constructing a number of schools ,health centers and drilled safe and clean water .

Kaluya says that ever since they embarked on drilling safe water now totaling to 95 boreholes, people stopped failing sick from diseases related to taking unclean water.

Uganda counseling and support services started in 2011 and ever since its formation it has served different communities around Uganda with safe clean water, Health facilities ,schools and economic empowerment of people to elevate from poverty .

When it comes to conserving the environment the organization has planted over 143003tress and also set 14 training farms

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