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Bobi Wine speaks out on suspension of campaigns in kampala, says M7 is a coward 

By Ahmed Senoga 

Following the suspension of campaign meetings in the districts and cities that are categorized by the ministry of health as having high spread of Covid19 by the electoral commission which include: Mbarara, Kabarole, Luwero, Kasese, Masaka, Wakiso, Kabarole, Jinja, Kalungu, Kazo, Kampala & Tororo, The National Unity Platform presidential flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamau alias Bobi Wine has taken to his official facebook page and described president Museveni as a coward.

He said the move is among the many, his main opponent has done to block his camp from campaigning but he has always been beaten by the people who stood their ground. 

He said the electoral commission move is a clear indication that they are winning.

“What a coward Gen. Museveni is! Initially, they said we didn’t have support upcountry. They have been surprised and scared to the teeth by the MASSIVE SUPPORT we have received everywhere, including Museveni’s backyard in Kiruhura and Kazo. 

They have done everything possible to block us, but people have still showed up. They have beaten the people, but the people have stood their ground. 

Now, they have suspended campaigns in districts where they think people will show up in hundreds of thousands! Of course they had to add some other districts in order to sanitise their panicky actions. In real sense, Museveni is so scared. He can’t imagine what would happen if we stepped foot in Kampala, Wakiso and Masaka! He has done everything to block our visit to Jinja and I am not surprised it has been suspended too! 

Friends, isn’t this enough evidence that we are winning?” Read his post on facebook

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Wanda December 26, 2020 at 3:51 pm

I love to ask, will then this be fair election, when the banned districts have not been given chance to hear from their President whom they are going to vote and express what they want him to do for them, or those districts are not going to vote.? because how can they vote, whom have not requested their vote, or what program do electoral commission have for this banned district.? That they may feel part of this elections

Michael Rwasikarate December 27, 2020 at 5:44 am

I appreciate the EC directives. Indeed, it is appropriate. I expect other Covid-19 SOPs enforcement agencies to follow suit. Coz it would be stupid to think only political meetings are responsible for the surge in Confirmed Covid cases.

A walk in the down town Kampala today will show you a different picture. A tour of the upcountry districts will give u a different opinion.
Politic is a curse in Uganda, Criminalising Bobi etal is an act of Oppression especially in light of the fact that he has been denied accessto Radio Stations in more than 29 Districts


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