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Recuse yourself from Buganda land decision to avoid anarchy

By Ndawula Ronald

The bible tells us in Chronicles 17-22 how King David was desirous of building Gods temple and God through Prophet Nathan refused.

This did not mean God didn’t like King David but briefly he said to him, you have served me well and am happy, but your hands are full of blood for the battles you have fought for my people and your Son Solomon will do the work of building my house. i took you from being a shepherd tending to sheep to be among the mighty of the world.

For this, David became happy because God had accepted his son Solomon also to be the King.

In June 2015 Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga received 80 land titles handed to him by none other than the invincible President Yoweri Museveni at state house Entebbe.

A promise was also made that more titles will be handed over and Bunyoro Kingdom titles are being processed. 

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As a villager I thought the decision following the meeting with the Kabaka of Buganda had been reached and the case was settled.

Buganda kind of celebrated the achievements and NRM government seemed ready to cement the relationship which had always been rocky especially regarding land. 

After the occasion Buganda started behaving like any land owner and issuing leases and selling them to interested persons and also planning to utilize their land profitably. 

All this happened while government was watching in total agreement as Buganda carried out its operations.

Museveni has been at the helm of this country since I was 15 years and by this September I will be celebrating my 51 birthday.

By President Museveni coming back for a new decision to revisit the position he had reached with Buganda In 2015 is not only ‘res judicata’ but the legal principle of estoppel bars him from retrieving his decision.

Many of us had acted on that handover to get titles from the established Buganda land board and many including the President himself are in possession of Mailo land titles.

Secondly, President Musevenis government is no longer a honest broker since they have earlier issued prejudicial statements and also appointment of an anti-Buganda, anti Mailo Minister symbolizes a sinister motive of the President.

The President should also be aware that somethings should be left for a future generation to sort out. We’re happy about his achievements of about 40years but there are things he will not accomplish even if the constitution is changed 1001 times or given another century at the helm of this country.

For instance, he will never be able to stamp out corruption, 

Secondly he will never improve the standards of living of Ugandans.

Thirdly he will never stop nepotism, and tribalism in government services.

Solving the Buganda land question with retribution and vengeance will not only result in anarchy but also needs another independent, and focused generation to handle.

As the President of this country for all these years you’re the supreme Judge, arbiter, protector and overseer of all the people of Uganda and their interests.

U should come to the table of justice with a free and fair mind and a keen ear to listen to all.

I beg without these, recuse yourself from the Buganda land question.

Ndawula Ronald, the author is the former chairperson of Luwero district

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