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Kabaka: Those advocating for removal of Mailo land system want to weaken Buganda

By Kabuye Ronald

The Kabaka of Buganda His royal majesty Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II has spoken out on the assertions of those advocating for the scrapping off the mailo land system in the country.

In his address during the 28th coronation celebrations held in his Nkoni Palace in Lwengo district, greater Masaka Kabaka said those fighting against the mailo land system that works only in Buganda and ignore other land systems used in other regions only aim at weakening Buganda kingdom.

“We condemn those who deliberately create a situation that takes us away from our main agenda of reminding the leadership of the country on what is ours (ebyaffe). Buganda has never wanted to separate its self from Uganda or even chasing away other Ugandans.

We have repeatedly heard about the issue of Buganda land being attributed to as the cause of the land wrangles and being a hurdle to development which is not true. Those doing that aim at weakening Buganda Kingdom and such things bring sorrow to us and ask ourselves questions like Why is it that land from other regions is not being talked about?, why is Buganda’s never ceasing love and hospitality heart being taken for granted and as a weakness?

Let me repeat this, we shall not get tired of reminding government that just like other regions Buganda has particular things that must not be tied to conditions.” said Kabaka Mutebi.

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It should be noted that state minister for lands Dr. Sam Mayanja and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are on record for being against the mailo land system saying it’s one of the main causes of land wrangles.

In the same way, Kabaka Mutebi revealed what Baganda term as theirs (Ebyaffe) saying they were agreed upon 28 years back and for all that long their return is still being dialogued and negotiated upon with a belief that they will be returned in calmness, harmony and friendship.

“What we call ours (ebyaffe) include federal system of governance, land, building, palaces and many others and these are indeed are ours (byaffe).

There is no other ways we have taken apart from negotiations and reminding the leadership of the country on the same issues we agreed upon and others concerning the human rights and leadership of truth, development of Buganda and Uganda as a whole and now its 28 years on the same issues and we know they will end in harmony and friendship.

We thank those who have given us a helping hand in search for truth, just on the same issues and we urge you not to give up until we achieve what we demand for in a united Uganda.” Said Kabaka Mutebi

Kabaka Mutebi also reminded the country that the decision of the kingdom’s return went through processes including direct participation in the removal of dictatorship and agreeing on the importance of cultural leadership in development and return of things that were taken away from the kingdom.

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