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Deputy IGP Lokech cause of death revealed, tentative burial arrangements released

By Kabuye Ronald

Police has on Sunday afternoon revealed the cause of death of the institutions deputy Inspector General of Police DIGP Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech who died on Saturday morning at his home in Kira Municipality Wakiso district.

Addressing journalists at police headquarters, the police spokesperson Fred Enange revealed that the deceased died has a result of blood clot hence he died a natural death.

“The team of pathologists established that the victim got a fracture of the right ankle joint, around the end of July, 2021. It was a simple fracture which was being managed at RUBY Medical Centre, by an Orthopedic Surgeon. They put a POP cast at the victim’s leg and managed him as an outpatient, with regular reviews. They further encouraged him to do mild exercises while at home.

It was further established that the pain in the right leg started increasing in the last 2-3days, and the victim notified his Orthopedic Surgeon, who scheduled an appointment for him on the 21.08.2021, at around 8.30am -900am.  Indeed at around 7:54, the victim called the Orthopedic Surgeon to reconfirm their appointment. It is unfortunate, that shortly after, the victim started facing breathing problems and called his personal Doctor, Dr. Ben Khiingi, who rushed to the home, but found the victim breathing his last and died.

During the autopsy, the pathologists opened the right lower leg, which got injured, and found a very big blood clot, that had formed in one of the big blood vessels. They further opened his chest and found part of the blood clot had been carried into the lungs. As a result, both vessels in the  lungs were blocked, thus leading to the shortage in breath and subsequent death. It was thus concluded as death due to natural causes.” Said Enanga

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Enanga said that the post-mortem examination was carried out on the body of the deceased, by a team of 4 pathologists. And present also were;  Brig. Gen. Dr Kusasira Stephen, the Director Medical Services in the UPDF, the personal Doctor of the late, Dr Khiingi Ben and two family representatives.


WENESDAY 25.08.2021: The body will be transported to his home at Kitikifumba in Kira Division, for prayers and viewing.

Thursday 26.08.2021: The body will leave Kampala for his home in Baibir village in Pader District.

Friday 27.08.2021: Burial will take place at Baibir Village, Ludele parish, Pader Town Council, in Pader District.

“We wish to thank all mourners, well wishers and the public for an incredible outpouring of messages of love, support, encouragement and prayers. The late DIGP Major General Paul Lokech, was among the best commanders in the force, who bravely put his country first and took the risks to protect Ugandans.

We pray that the Almighty God provides comfort and peace to the family, relatives, friends, in-laws and all well wishers, the UPF and UPDF fraternity.

May the soul of the late DIGP Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech, Rest in Eternal Peace.” Enanga said

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