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Museveni/Mao marriage was for convenience not conviction

By Ndawula Ronald 

Many times as a political animal I find myself involved in societal issues that don’t necessarily concern me. 

In this case, am not Mao or Museveni but I took time to look at how and why did Mao do the seemingly unthinkable to join a team he has faulted for years.

To get my thinking right I decided to wear Mao and Musevenis shoes so that I may judge and analyse with a little empathy. 

Now that am Hon.Min Mao, you lead the oldest and biggest opposition party in the country but your MPs decide to cross to another party, what do you do?

The few Members of parliament you’re left with on the DP ticket clearly show you that their allegiance is bent towards a new party.

What do you do? 

Now that am Mao, I hear the MPs who are supposed to pay party contributions to DP are instead giving the new party President over 60 million per month! What do you do? 

Your contemporary and friend Jacob Oulanya was in opposition before becoming Speaker of Parliament.

Immediately after crossing to a new party he becomes speaker, gets chauffeur driven 4WD cars, free fuel and police escorts.

What do you do under the circumstances. 

Your other tribesmate joined the government some years ago and now has risen through the ranks and now he is the Chief Justice of Uganda, what do you do when an opportunity presents itself? 

Imagine you’re Hon Mao and Your fellow party President Hon Akena of Lira Municipality and son of Musevenis archrival Obote, signed the same collaboration and is now enjoying and quietly minting goodies but you’re left in slumber with a skeleton party which can’t barely pay rent for its offices or organise fuel for its President, what do you do? 

Your contemporaries in the Hon. Speakers offices were former FDC stalwarts and now are calling the tunes in Parliament and driving chauffeured multi billion state limousines and commanding big budgets from the consolidated fund and you’re gazing and calling yourself the President of a skeleton Democratic party! 

I imagine you’re DP President Mao and you’re about to fail to organise rent and the landlord for your offices is about to close the gates of your office compound and you know by stroke of a pen with the President of Uganda you can even get your rent paid today and in the future, what’s wrong with that? 

Imagine you’re President Mao, those abusing you have already secured employment in Parliament and are getting  juicy salaries for their families but yours is languishing in poverty and pretending you’re okay what do you do?. 

Imagine you’re Mao and your friend Sibende with whom you’re protecting a skeleton party you can take him to EALA without hassles and you also share on the national cake for the benefit of your families and people call you a traitor! 

The traitors who crossed from DP to NUP and some at night get funding from NRM and wish that you dont join NRM because you’re the President of a skeleton Party is not only amazing, double standards and laughable. 

Your toughest critic and DP leader crossed to FDC and now the Lord Mayor of Kampala is enjoying the taxpayers money and for you it’s okay when you stay cursing government on empty stomach!

People be fair to Hon. Mao. 

As for President Museveni, politics is about acceptance by the people.

The President’s long hold onto power has actually made him seek survival tactics using his military command and heavy economic power.

Using state resources President Museveni knows that desperate Ugandans look at him as Jesus of Nazareth. 

All the over 40 million Ugandans hope can be saved by the man from Rwakitura either by throwing in a towel or appointment of sorts to some juicy position. 

Now that everyone in Uganda is going through some economic squeeze from the Butatures of this world to the sacco borrowers in the village  the only saviour is the man who did only one business of managing Ugandas taxes by use of the gun. 

All right thinking Ugandans are left with one business option and that is to find a route to beg the big man for a handout, appointment for survival or a yellow Tshirt. 

The President knows this and it is his winning card, and it doesn’t require any aptitude rating.

The President’s job is to sit on the sidelines and wait for competent and desperate leaders and offer them a helping hand by appointing them to juicy portfolios and life goes on.

What’s wrong with that? 

There was no way Mao was going to resurrect DP fame of the 60’s and his only gamble left in the game box was a collaboration with the Jesus of Uganda in President Museveni. 

Even Museveni on his part can’t resuscitate the love lost in Buganda for the remaining part of his life and his only option is to forge new desperate alliances else where and using his economic muscle to counter the significant loss of love in the central region. 

So, this was a marriage of convenience not conviction. 

Ndawula Ronald, the author is a former Chairperson of Luwero district 

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