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February 5, 2023
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What you did to Yusuf of Luwero is criminal.

By Ndawula Ronald

President Museveni according to his words started fighting Amin in the 1971 against maladministration, injustice and impunity.

This failed for a kool 10 years because people had the patience to wait and see what Amin had to offer before judging and reacting to his intentions.

Amin’s excesses reached a climax at the end of the decade and the tide turned against him.

Museveni in the early 80’s launched a popular protracted guerilla war against the Obote regime which was supported by the masses.

In Obote’s regime Panda-gari was the order of the day in the city centre. Road blocks were used to determine life or death decisions and many people ended up in Namanve forest to look for their loved ones.

The trend of violence against the people in Uganda@60 will boomerang to the government if not contained and curtailed. 

Yusuf Kiggundu has grown up in Kasana Town of Luwero Town Council.

This passionate young man has been a NUP Supporter just like many youth in our district and beyond.

He was picked up last week by an unknown van and mercilessly tortured.

Word making round is that someone sponsored his tormentors who electrocuted him and was wounded allover the body.

If local leaders have also started applying and emulating the game of government torture like Sebirumbi in the former UPC chairman in Luwero then a dark cloud is upon Uganda@60.

If those holding power in their right as leaders are promoting impunity and torture as a form of  subduing and forcing allegiance then they should also prepare for the pay back of their Karma.

The ripple effects and wounds of violence have far reaching consequences and  healing takes generations.

If NRM sympathisers and sycophants masquerading as NUP start taking the law in their hands in the guise of SUPPORT  and seeking forced support with impunity then the colonisers were better.

African leaders are yet to demonstrate what exactly they’re doing better than the colonial masters because even slavery of Africans by Arabs is on a new knotch.

If Europeans in the colonial days used our resources to build our railway system , build dams, roads and schools by now we would be having an electronic railway, modern Airports and bus system. 

African leaders have excelled in tormenting their fellow blacks and concentrating on selfish agendas of aggrandisement and subjective views. 

It’s imperative to have a discussion, dialogue and a reflection for those who claim to have a vision to know and think about life beyond their time.

Ndawula Ronald the author is the former Chairperson of Luwero district

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