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Insecurity, low network in hard to reach areas affecting TELA system monitoring teachers’ attendance.

By Obbo Yusuf – obboyusuf43@gmail.com 

As the education policy review commission continues to engage Education stakeholders in Acholi region on revising the education policies /curriculum, schools more so those in districts neighboring Karamoja region have reported increased threats from Karamoja warriors who hide in schools as they look for targeted animals.

Otim John a primary teacher in Agago district said increased threats creates fear among teachers and learner’s to come to school early due to fear of being ambushed by the Karamajong cattle rustlers.  He said this increased insecurity, low network in hard to reach areas affect TELA system which monitors teachers’ attendance and learners especially in Agago and Lamwo district.

“We are unable to meet the needs of the ministry of education to respond to TELA system,our teachers and students  come in late and leave early because they fear to be attacked by Karamajong cattle rustlers who cross up to neighboring Acholi districts ,and this affects logging in and out at the required time” said John Otim while addressing a team from Education review commission.

The education policy review commission was led by its chairman Amanya Mushega to collect views from the people of Acholi region on how best the Education system should be.

The teachers in Acholi urged the commission to engage the ministry of education and sports towards offering accommodation for all teachers to reduce such excuses that affect good performance.

TELA is a time on task Performance Management System that uses a smartphone with Global Positioning System (GPS) and Biometric features designed to monitor real-time Teacher and Head Teacher attendance and time table implementation. 

The  system was developed to help the Ministry address systematic challenges of high absenteeism of Learners, Teachers, Head Teachers and inadequate supervision by Head teachers and School Management Committees which has negatively impacted learning outcomes over years.

In Lamwo district at Padibe girls comprehensive Secondary School, Rev. Fr. David Cankene one of the board members of the school applauded government for supporting the school with enough class blocks.

“we thank the government for the facilities but our cry is furniture ,the many buildings you see lack enough furniture and it’s our humble request for the government to support us”

Fr David added that  “the government’s need to keep the children at school has been battled by parents who only think that  their responsibility ends at bringing the child at school and forget about supporting the child’s being at school ,parents send children to school with nothing and they expect government and the school to provide everything for their children”

David Cankene has also asked the commission to take their plea to Ministry of Education and sports that the school has no staff houses and thus, none of the teachers resides at school.

“it is always difficult for our teachers to attend in time or give enough learning hours to our students, this is due to the long distances they have to move to and from the school ,they report late in the morning and also leave early in the evening and our learner’s don’t always conduct preps or morning classes. This not only affect our learning but also the TELA system work.” Said David

Lamwo district that is located at the boarder land of Uganda and south Sudan is also disturbed by poor Network that affects day today communications.

The district inspector of Schools for Lamwo District Mr Ben Joro said poor Network in area has made work difficult since schools have failed to use well the TELA system to truck attendance of teachers and learner’s.

“Most schools have no teachers residences and it’s a common complain that teachers travel long distances and therefore they are not able to reach in time at school. The class attendance of learner’s is also affected by rainy seasons where students are kept at home by their parents  to assist them  in farming.   

The schools also register some attacks more especially in the holidays where school property like glass windowed class blocks are left damaged and property lost.” Said Ben.

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