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The Pearl of Africa sinking into the shame of Africa

By Ndawula Ronald

General Tumwine’s death has evoked bitter levels of rot carpeted in our society’s moral decadence and social fabric. 

The moral breakdown in this country has long been neglected, forgotten and only revealed and smoked out by the bad spirits lurking in the back and dark side of Uganda communities and social lives.

Gen.Tumwine didn’t deserve and qualify for the level of demonisation and pejorative remarks attributed to his death but was an opportunity for cynics who look at the power holders as brute , indifferent to their problems and have been rendered hopeless under the circumstances. 

The lack of solutions to the plight of the hurting population who look upon another class of Ugandans flagrantly enjoying and sharing the bountiful government money in parties, fat salaries and corruption are left with no option but to potentially mockup those they feel are part of the oppressors. 

The Baganda in themselves can’t pass for bad neighbors because from the olden days it’s the Baganda who welcomed the first Arab traders, the Buganda King Muteesa 1 invited the first missionaries and their simplicity endeared other tribes to come and seek opportunity in the Buganda Kingdom and develop. 

Bishop Hannington was killed in Busoga enroute to Buganda where he was directed about a friendly organised tribe which had welcomed and embraced Christianity. 

Semei Kakungulu alone spread the Buganda civilization to the East up to Mbale and beyond and his relevance is still alive todate.

Luwero war fought and flourished successfully in Buganda yet a good number of commanders as you see were non Baganda who were fed, sought refuge, given intelligence and Baganda participatively joined in the initial stages of the now seemingly vain war.

Baganda easily bonded with Obote to form an alliance which later collapsed but was a vehicle for the development of the north.

Buganda for long has been the fulcrum of civilization and amiable host of fortune seekers, jobless and landless in Uganda till when other cities have been prematurely created to counter Bugandas growth. 

The debate about governance, economy and social welfare has been defeated in high echelons of power where scientific data, debate, analysis and social research solutions emerge to address issues for the betterment of people.

Now the debate has descended and has been grabbed by the regime sycophants, opinionated hooligans, used by inept actors, politicians, and schemers for subjective benefits. 

Now that those who display their nakedness represent the favorite ruling party diehards, those who fight on live television have their employment tenure extended for good service and those who deserve a Presidential handshake are those who exhibit nakedness then we have sunk from being the pearl to a shameless country.

When a society starts mocking its dead it’s not only an act of cannibalism but also satanic, sorcery and wizardry.

The irony in this, we are negatively charging our communities and stereotyping our children into tribal awareness, sentiments, and  unknowingly sowing seeds of a bloody revolution because a just debate is being delegated to the delinquent and weakest in our society and we seem to appreciate them when we handshake their phony actions.

Consipirational theorists in foreign countries and other self-proclaimed social media gurus determine what the country should think and appreciates without due regard to facts and truth.

This will eventually culminate into rapists becoming leaders, highway robbers will become the security chiefs and witch doctors will head Universities and faculties of medicine and research. 

This all is a result of frustrating democracy, and using force instead of persuasion, disregarding rule of law, abuse of power and promoting impunity.

Ndawula Ronald, the author is the former Chairperson of Luwero District

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