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Iganga Municipality issues stringent penalties on garbage management

By Obbo Yusuf –  obboyusuf43@gmail.com

Iganga Municipality has set stringent penalties to people operating businesses without waste collection centers or disposal bins.

The orders issued include arrest or photographing whoever litters garbage in town and be rewarded with 50000/- cash according to Iganga’s Municipality Mayor Mayor Bamu lulenzi.

For many years Iganga Municipality has been battling with garbage challenges which leaders attributed to a number of factors including lack of proper functioning trucks, lack of solid waste management policies and bye-laws, and limited funds to run the program.

According to LC3 chairperson for Central Division Abubakari Kasimba, Central Division that hosts the biggest day population of the town had three trucks and all are down leaving the whole municipality with only two trucks for both central and northern Division.

Every financial year a total of 28,800,000 is a budgeted to cater for sanitation including all expenses of maintenance 

Kasimba adds that beginning this financial year 2022/23 as Municipality they have already decided not to issue license to any business around that has not displayed it’s garbage can saying this is another way of trying to minimize those who liter  garbage around town .

Aerial view of Iganga town

Jagenda Ayub a resident of Kasokoso ward in central Division is one of the few citizens that volunteered to assist in sweeping the town every night at no pay. Ayub says his love for his town lured him to volunteer on a daily.

“If we wait for our leaders we shall not have a clean town, we don’t do this for politics but for love of our town we need to see Iganga great again, let’s put Iganga first we shall have no cases of littering around ” said Jagenda Ayub .

Jagenda Ayub a resident of Kasokoso ward in central Division

Iganga municipality has an estimated population of 67,300 people as per 2021 count producing over 4.5 tons of solid waste from both division per day.

Bitter business men who spoke to us blamed leaders for not playing the best part in fighting garbage around town and evidence witnessed by us after looking for Garbage cans to dump rubbish none was traced in the whole town.

In an interview with Iganga’s Mayor Bamu lulenzi he warned the public about the completed by law aimed at netting those who litter saying this will help to maintain the town clean.

Iganga’s Mayor Bamu lulenzi

“Littering causes pollution, a major threat to the environment, and has increasingly become a cause for concern in many countries. if we all become watch dogs to one another we can trace for the non-patriotic ones we need to see Iganga better like other towns and this can only be proven by you the town occupants” says Bamu lulenzi

Hajji Ojasi Swaib a prominent business man In Iganga

He added that he is ready to give a total of 50000/- to anyone who arrests or photographs those who litter and make the town untidy with rubbish, or incorrectly disposing waste.

Public opinion on managing rubbish 

Hajji Ojasi Swaib a prominent business man In Iganga has advised Municipal council on easy ways to control garbage 

“The best way to manage garbage in cities and municipalities is contracting, Municipal council will not manage to deal with garbage, they have tried for years and the town remains dirty and smelling every day, the load increases, half of the fee spent on license can be shared to contractors whose role shall be keeping the town clean ” says Hajji ojasi swaibu.

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