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Uganda Management institute, UBC boss corruption and academic fraud scandal further escalates

By Our reporter

Uganda Management Institute (UMI) is currently handling a major scandal of students from the Journalism and Communication Management class who came forward with serious allegations of corruption, lack of integrity, and unprofessionalism within the institution.

The shocking revelation exposed that a high-ranking official, Kaggwa Peter, a Director of Finance and Administration at UBC, allegedly managed to obtain passing marks for a course he never attended due to a deceitful collaboration with Moreen Akatukunda, a student and class representative who also happens to be a UBC employee under his direct supervision. Furthermore, it is alleged that Dr. Galukande Micheal Kiganda, the Course Manager, along with a data entry clerk named Helena Nalutaaya, allegedly manipulated the system to grant Kaggwa undeserved grades.

After this esteemed website unearthed the alleged dirt, the management of Uganda Management Institute wake up to the occasion and established a committee headed by the dean school of civil service and management Dr. Sylvester Kugonza, where the journalism and communication management course falls to investigate the allegation and come up with a transparent, objective and evidence based report on the serious allegations.

It is also reported that all the students who declined to append their signatures on a counter petition to the Director General UMI in defense of Dr. Galukande, Mr. Kaggwa, Maureen and Helena were allegedly recently failed in the module that Dr. Galukande facilitates including the course work that has been assigned to another lecturer to remark it.

As the committee continues with the investigations, the accused remain at work because of the UMI Whistle blower’s policy that presume the accused innocent until proven guilty. The same policy also guides that incase of such allegation, evidence is first got from the class representative and the course manager and in this case who happen to be Moreen Akatukunda (Class representative who is allegedly under the supervision of Mr. Kaggwa at UBC who is a suspect as well) and Dr. Michael Galukande Kiganda who is a suspect and the current course manager hence it doesn’t address the conflict of interest.

Kaggwa Peter,

It is alleged that the policy first mislead the investigators until this esteemed website blow out the gist of the allegations thus re-establishing the committee which has so far interrogated a number of people including some of the suspects, lecturers,  students and their  leaders. We understand that even handwriting experts will be hired to scrutinize the signatures and other relevant documents.

Dr. Galukande Micheal Kiganda

As the investigation committee does its work, this website will keep you posted on all the developments on the matter until a logical conclusion is reached.


The aggrieved students pursuing a postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and communication Management which will ultimately lead to Masters in Management Science for those who will do research petitioned the Director General of UMI. The aggrieved students expressed their disappointment in the institute’s lack of action regarding this grave matter. Despite raising the issue with UMI management, they claimed then to have received no assistance or response. To make matters worse, Dr. Galukande, the Course Manager reportedly had resorted to intimidation tactics, threatening students with failure if they persisted in pursuing the truth. They claimed that unfortunately, the threats had already materialized, as evidenced by the suspiciously favorable test results obtained by Kaggwa and the failure of other students involved.

Moreen Akatukunda

Students said they had grown increasingly frustrated and disillusioned and claim that lecturers have actually been cheating student hours. Which unethical behavior not only compromises the quality of education but also undermines the trust placed in UMI’s faculty.

Dr. Galukande, already embroiled in the scandal involving Kaggwa Peter’s fraudulent academic success, is now facing additional scrutiny. Students have alleged that he consistently offers flimsy excuses to justify the irregularities and mismanagement within the course. Meanwhile, the students themselves find their academic futures hanging in the balance as they face reprimands for failing to meet the strict 75% attendance requirement.

The situation reached a breaking point, as students raise their voices in protest against the blatant disregard for academic integrity and fairness. They questioned how UMI can hold them accountable for attendance when absentee lecturers go unpunished, aided by a Course Manager who allegedly seems more interested in making excuses than addressing the core issues at hand.

The call for swift action and a thorough investigation grew louder, with students demanding transparency, accountability, and meaningful reforms within UMI.

Students said it is imperative that their concerns are heard and that a comprehensive review of the institute’s practices is conducted. They asserted that the future of journalism and communication management education in Uganda is at stake, and UMI must act swiftly to restore trust, ensure fairness, and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

The affected students, as well as the broader public, anxiously anticipate the results and recommendations from the committee’s investigation. UMI now stands at a critical juncture, with the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to integrity and accountability

It must ensure that the investigations are carried out diligently, without any influence or bias. The credibility and reputation of UMI rest upon the committee’s ability to uncover the truth and take appropriate actions.

The affected students, who choose to uphold the principles of integrity and transparency, are eagerly awaiting justice. They hope that the investigating committee, under the leadership of Dr. Sylvester Kugonza, will conduct a comprehensive and unbiased inquiry, holding all those involved accountable for their actions. As the storm continues to brew, UMI’s actions in response to the scandal will define its future. 

The nation looks on, waiting to see whether UMI can rise above this dark chapter and emerge as a beacon of integrity and professionalism once again.

Only time will tell if justice will be served, and if UMI can rebuild itself as a trustworthy institution, fostering an environment where transparency and ethical conduct prevail.

The journey toward redemption begins now, and UMI must choose its path wisely. The results of the committee’s investigation will serve as a crucial milestone in determining UMI’s fate and the restoration of trust in its educational mission.

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